Freshly Failed Friday!

Today has been an awful awful day.

Today has gone beyond failing and into the realm of, “How could that have possibly happened? How could a zombie figure out how to push the self-destruct button for the end of the world? Who plans these double apocalypses, anyway?”

It has been that bad of a 24 hour period that I will let you contemplate button-pushing zombies and links to two of my most favorite youtube videos ever instead of writing a normal blog post.  Then, we can all return to playing video games and forget that this post existed.

Tomorrow, I am sure will have a nice scene of happy failing.

For now, though, here are teensy videos of amusement!

The first is a video about a hedgehog and his kitten friend. I love hedgehogs, and hope to own three of them in the future. Their names will be Mortimer, Maurice, and Mambo.  Mortimer, because that is a perfect hedgehog name.  Maurice, because that is the first name of my favorite composer, Ravel.  Mambo, because that seems to complement the other two nicely and I like it.  Anyway, hedgehog+kitten=twice the cuteness, so enjoy!

Hedgehog+kitten cuteness:

This second video is my most favorite clip from Whose Line is it Anyway? (U.S. version), in which Colin Mochrie is the only one to keep it together.  For those of you who are not aware, Whose Line is a show where four improvisers take to a stage and create comedic scenes.  Most of the time they succeed, but sometimes someone falls apart, which only makes things funnier.  It sort of relates to the above link, in that the word “Meow” becomes significant.


I hope you enjoy these two videos.  Until tomorrow, happy failing!

Edit/Note:  I said this is an awful day not in relation to current events in the news, but because I unintentionally hurt someone I care deeply about today.  It will get better, but feelings take time to heal. If you want my opinion on current events…yay equality!


It’s a Monday Alright

Today, I failed to stay awake for most of the day.

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. because I had to meet some coworkers for a carpool at 5:00 a.m.  I succeeded in waking up and making it to the meeting spot on time, but an odd series of miscommunications conspired and resulted in me getting a surprise day off work when the driver failed to show for the carpool.

What did I do when I went home? I fell asleep and slept until noon, which was about six hours.  I then woke up, and ran an errand that took about an hour.  Upon my return, I found all my fellow familial nightowls napping, and fell asleep again for another three hours.

Today, I failed to do much of anything at all.  However, since this is an unusual amount of sleeping on my part, I will interpret it as my body obviously needing rest.  I have felt alert and awake since 4:00 p.m., which is nice.

An update on The Search For A Piece To Play.  I am planning on continuing my work on Haydn’s Concerto in C major for violin.  I say continue because I spent my last semester of school learning the first movement of it. However, I also know myself well enough that if I do not start a new piece as well, I will get bored when I reach a plateau and stop working on anything for awhile.  Currently, I do not have a new piece, but I am planning on choosing on of Brahm’s violin sonatas.  At their most powerful moments, they are so beautiful I think, “This is it.  There is nothing else to live for.  I have heard the most beautiful music that will ever be written.  Why am I trying to write my own music again? I have no idea.”  Then, I listen to them again. So of course, my only response to these pieces is to choose one to butcher right now, save the rest for later, and continue to perfect them (along with all the other music I know) for the rest of my life.

*sigh* I guess this is why I music.  There are too many beautiful pieces to learn and so much to attempt to write down, why wouldn’t I let my life be consumed by my pursuit of them?

I have also been investigating music programs to audition/apply for.  So far, I have not used effective search terms, as I have been getting results dealing with, “How to Prepare for Auditions,” or listings for job openings in symphonies.  I shall continue working on this and let everyone know when I find an audition to practice towards.

To recap, here is a list of the pieces referenced in this week’s post:

Haydn’s Concerto in C major

Brahms violin sonatas No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3

I love the concerto because it is energetic and does not take itself too seriously.  The sonatas, as I mentioned before, are gorgeous.  There are multiple recordings of each piece on youtube, so go take a listen.  If you have cleaning to do that will take an 30 minutes-1 hour, pick one of these, youtube it, and have it playing in the background.

That’s all from me for today.  Until tomorrow, happy failing!