An Electrifying Tail

Hello followers!

Unfortunately, I did not fail in any inspiring or spectacular way today.  So, I am going to have to do something that I did not plan on doing. I shall talk about a past failure.

A few weeks ago, I went to the equine therapy center (that place I volunteer as a sidewalker at) for the first time. While I was there, my sister, who interned at the center this past spring, was asked to “catch some horses.” Catching horses refers to putting a bridle and reins on a horse, then leading them to the stables.

One of the horses she was asked to catch was Dreamer, who is her favorite horse. However, he was in a paddock that was partitioned off by an electric fence.  There are two wires that form this electric fence, and to “open the gate” in it, you have to grasp these plastic handles on each wire and unhook them from a pole. Once a person and/or horse has gone through the gate, you rehook the ends of the wires (which, of course, are made of metal to keep the current going), and the gate is closed with the current complete.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway.  When I tried to rehook the ends of the wires, I found that the plastic handles did not quite give me enough control over the metal hooks.  I kept missing the space where the hooks needed to be placed.

So, without thinking, I adjusted the metal hook with my bare hand in order to get it back into place.

It worked.  But, I also had these thoughts…

1 millisecond before touching the hook-“I probably shouldn’t be doing this.”

1 second after touching the hook-“Oh, that’s right, I shouldn’t be doing this because this is an electric fence.”

2 seconds after touching the hook-“I can feel the current, wow it feels thrummy.”

3 seconds after touching the hook-I feel a soft WHUMP as the current went through me and into the ground. I also let go of the wire.

And then guys, after the WUMP, my ankle……….twitched.

And that was the entirety of my reaction. I didn’t feel or receive a painful shock.  I have always had unusual luck/responses to electricity, though, so that was not as surprising to me as it has been to the people I have told.

That story was also an elaborate setup for a recent failure that my mentor told me about.  I was lucky compared to the squirrel that was on his property.

What happened? In his words, “We had a squirrel who met a shocking end on our power pole.”

You read that correctly, my mentor and his wife had a squirrel die on their property because it electrocuted itself. They even had to have the city come out to fix the situation.

I, of course, could only point out that it was a stunning conclusion to a current event.  Only one jolt and that squirrel went off the grid for good.

I warned you about the puns.

What is the point of these failures? You should turn on the AC in the summer, but not in that way.  A slightly more serious interpretation is this: Remember that even when you think something you have done registers as a particularly stupid failure, there is always someone else out there who has failed in a more stupid fashion than you did.  So, you should do a happy dance to celebrate not being them.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!


That awkward moment when…

…the big fail of the day was discovered at 1:00 in the morning.

All I needed to complete was one run of laundry.  I have been catching up on laundry all week, and I needed to coax one more run through the washer and dryer in order to not have to worry about a clean wardrobe for a week or two.

It was not meant to be.

At midnight, I put my last run of laundry into the washer.  I put in the detergent, closed the lid, set the knobs and pressed start. You know how it goes.

At 1:00, I walk into the laundry room to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  I was thinking how odd it was that I had somehow missed the angry BZZZZZZZZZZZT!!!!!!! that signals the washer has had enough, and the clothes are in the whatchoo see is whatchoo get stage of cleaning.

I walked over to the washer, which was stopped, and raised the lid…

…only to find that the interior was flooded with water.  I looked at the knob that indicates where the washer is in its cycle, and noticed that it had stopped halfway through the washing process.

I tried restarting the washer and adjusting the clothes in it before attempting another restart, all with no luck.  I woke my mother up for help (this is not as rude as it might seem, as my family is frequently up late into the night-we’re a group of night owls), and she tried a few things, to no avail.

Soooooooooo in other news, my parents bought a brand new washer today!

I have also been trapped in the house for most of the day! Why? The failure is not that I killed the washing machine (it was old and we thought it would die months ago), but that the clothes in the washing machine included all of my pairs of non-pajama pants, as well as a few critical undergarments.  Using the washer to dry the clothes has not been possible for most of the day, as the water from the washer leaked into the surrounding area, including the floor under the dryer.  We had to wait to dry that area until the washer was finished leaking, a process that lasted several hours.


What a day.

I only needed that washer to live for 30 more minutes, too.  However, while today has not been 100% optimal on the clothing front, it did give me the opportunity to relax and do nothing but play video games, read, and watch the Belmont Stakes (yay American Pharoah!) for a few hours.  It was one of those times that life conspired to force me to take a break and simply enjoy it.

It has definitely been worth it.  Hope your day has left you with less inconvenience or as much of a smile as mine has done for me.  Until tomorrow, happy failing!