Mid-Week Celebrations!

After a week of failing, we once more return to Wednesday, and everyone knows what Wednesday is about.

Yep, it’s time to celebrate the little successes of the week!

1. This is an encore one, but I now have a job!  My first paid working experience will happen tomorrow! I will also point out that last Wednesday, I was celebrating the world not ending as I went through the application process.  How about that for progress?

2. My parents, being the generous sort of people they are, bought me my first work outfit!  As a bonus, I look pretty spiffy in said outfit!

3. Today, our “grumbly old man” dog, Bandit, jumped up onto my lap and demanded ear scratches and belly rubs! (Normally, I have to do the pet owner thing of, “Come here, Bandit, come here boy! There’s a good doggy…no don’t leave! Don’t walk away!” or the, “I love you very much.” *clings to squirming dog that is trying to escape*)

4. To prevent matters of jealousy, I must also announce that our “wildflower” dog, Daisy, has cuddled with me today, although somewhat more begrudgingly.

5. I am having dinner with my mentor tomorrow! I am sure one day I will blog about him more extensively, but let’s leave it at out of all the people I know and have ever known HE IS MY FAVORITE PERSON after my sister, WHO IS MY REAL FAVORITE PERSON (although we have a sibling agreement that I can refer to my mentor as my favorite person without having to explain the situation).  Anyway, I haven’t seen him in a while SO THIS IS EXCITING! (all caps makes my enthusiasm more convincing, right? Thought so)

6. Today, I had my first cranberry vanilla rootbeer, from Sonic, of the summer.  I also drink this fine specimen of a beverage in the autumn, winter, and spring, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway. If you like rootbeer and were born with a dash of derring-do, go ahead and try it the next time you go there.  If you don’t have a Sonic near you, cry.

7. This blog now has SIX FOLLOWERS.  Some of you have been following for days, and others have been following for…more days.  I find this exciting, as it means there are at least six people out there interested in what I have to ramble on about.  This is nice, as everyone knows there is a fine line between pretending to talk about yourself to others and actually talking about yourself to others. That line is insanity. Thanks for keeping me sane and not leaving me to blab into the void!

Those are my middle-of-the-week celebrations.  Leave a comment with your own middle-of-the-week celebrations so that we can all revel in our accomplishments together!


I’m Cheating Today

As you might have read recently, I am cheating today.  Today’s post will be short.

Today, I failed at remaining unemployed.

After a year of applying at various places and failing to get hired,I I finally have a job!

The job is with a temp agency.  I’ll be doing stuff like serving food at banquets and housekeeping work in hotels whenever there is a shift available.  While it might not be full-time work and it is entry level job, that doesn’t matter.  Why? Because it is mine and I am proud and excited to finally have a place to work at! (so excited, in fact, that any attempt at proper sentence structure has become irrelevant)

Everyone has to start somewhere, and I finally have my start!


In order to not turn today into tomorrow’s post with having only celebratory blog-fire, I will mention one other thing.

I continue to fail at the next chapter of the ear training app. *sigh* One day, though, I will instead be failing at the next chapter.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!