Mid-Week Celebrations!

It’s Wednesday once more, and that means it is time for mid-week celebrations!

Here we go!

1.  I bought two video games yesterday, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Final Fantasy Theaterhythm (which some of you may have read about already).  Not realizing how short the plot was for FF Theaterhythm, I have already finished it!  Now, on to getting perfect scores on every single song! For those of you who do not know, FF Theaterhythm is basically Guitar Hero using Final Fantasy music and made for the Nintendo 3DS console.  I already have four characters that will be at level 100 before midnight tonight!

2.  I get to have lunch with my mentor on Friday! (that is, unless I end up working-BUT FOOD AND SEEING MY MENTOR IS HAPPENING IN THE NEAR FUTURE) This will have happened TWICE in one month, which never happens!

3.  My dog Daisy has begun to do a new incredibly cute thing!  When potty training her years ago, we would always get really excited when she peed outside and tell her how she was such a good girl.  My sister told her earlier today, “I peed!” and Daisy began celebrating and congratulating my sister on her fine accomplishment.  She was waggling her tail furiously as well as giving my sister kisses of celebration after pouncing on her.  So, of course, you know what everyone has been saying throughout the day after leaving the bathroom…

4.  Since it is summer, all the gas stations/convenience stores in this area sell any size fountain drinks for $1.05 (tax included).   I obtained a Mountain Dew today! This isn’t a particularly special or isolated event, but I was really excited about it today!

5.  I have new non-work shoes! They have soles made of MEMORY FOAM!  This is especially great, as my old pair of non-work shoes have fallen apart and contain much sand from sidewalking.  They are also pretty-with a pink and black pattern!

4.  I included a bonus number 4 on this list because I really like the number 4!

6.   This blog now has 17 followers!  Thank you to everyone who finds these posts entertaining enough to want to read them all the time! All of you are amazing!

Those are my middle-of-the-week celebrations.  Leave a comment with your own middle-of-the-week celebrations so that we can all revel in our accomplishments together! (Seriously, the week someone actually does this, I will probably re-edit the post to include that on the list….or make a separate post….or give a shout-out to them on Thursday)


It’s the Final Fantasy

Today I almost failed, but not quite.

Yesterday, I almost purchased a video game.  I delayed that decision until today, because yesterday I was unsure whether or not I really wanted to spend money on a video game.  I woke up today and I knew that I NEEDED A NEW GAME TO PLAY THAT WOULD NOT REQUIRE MY COMPUTER OR MY PHONE AS A CONSOLE.

So, I went to Gamestop.  I purchased Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for Nintendo DS and Final Fantasy Theaterhythm: Curtain Call. I know that FF Tactics is an especially old release, but nostalgia from brief encounters with my cousin’s FF Tactics Advance made me want to play a full FF Tactics game. As for Theaterhythm, it simply looked interesting.

My almost-but-not-quite failure can be attributed to the FF Tactics game. I chose Normal mode, which it turns out I was grateful for, seeing as how I almost lost the very first battle to a giant chicken.

Yes, a giant chicken killed 3 out of 4 of my party members.  It was not only the chicken who did damage to my party, either. Before I realized how far the range of some magic attacks extended, I had nicely electrocuted one of my allies and knocked out a third of his remaining HP.  I also managed to move my white magic mage out of the range of all the other players, but not before I had restored a little HP to one of my party members as well as the two murderous baby chickens.

I would have completely failed at this first battle, too, except the giant chicken flew off when it reached 2/3rds HP or so. Even reaching that point was a lucky break for me, as the giant chicken missed an attack that would have knocked out my last party member the round before I dealt the lethal strike.

Or maybe the game does not let you lose the first battle and I was fine anyway. Regardless, it felt like I barely emerged victorious.  I gave myself a break after the second battle, which I easily won, because Tactics is a bit overwhelming for a FF newbie like myself.

Going onto Theaterhythm….what can I say? I have been using it to take a break from Tactics for almost 2 hours now, and my sister is beginning to grump at me for ignoring her attempts at conversation.

I have appeased her by giving her the other save file slot on FF Tactics.  She will probably have an easier time of it than I will, since she is better at creating advanced strategies in games than I am.

For now, I have to contribute to the creation of a video game environment where my sister and I mutually ignore each other, except for the occasional grunt, while gaming.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!