Mid-Week Celebrations!

It’s Wednesday once more, and that means it is time for mid-week celebrations!

Here we go!

1.  I bought two video games yesterday, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Final Fantasy Theaterhythm (which some of you may have read about already).  Not realizing how short the plot was for FF Theaterhythm, I have already finished it!  Now, on to getting perfect scores on every single song! For those of you who do not know, FF Theaterhythm is basically Guitar Hero using Final Fantasy music and made for the Nintendo 3DS console.  I already have four characters that will be at level 100 before midnight tonight!

2.  I get to have lunch with my mentor on Friday! (that is, unless I end up working-BUT FOOD AND SEEING MY MENTOR IS HAPPENING IN THE NEAR FUTURE) This will have happened TWICE in one month, which never happens!

3.  My dog Daisy has begun to do a new incredibly cute thing!  When potty training her years ago, we would always get really excited when she peed outside and tell her how she was such a good girl.  My sister told her earlier today, “I peed!” and Daisy began celebrating and congratulating my sister on her fine accomplishment.  She was waggling her tail furiously as well as giving my sister kisses of celebration after pouncing on her.  So, of course, you know what everyone has been saying throughout the day after leaving the bathroom…

4.  Since it is summer, all the gas stations/convenience stores in this area sell any size fountain drinks for $1.05 (tax included).   I obtained a Mountain Dew today! This isn’t a particularly special or isolated event, but I was really excited about it today!

5.  I have new non-work shoes! They have soles made of MEMORY FOAM!  This is especially great, as my old pair of non-work shoes have fallen apart and contain much sand from sidewalking.  They are also pretty-with a pink and black pattern!

4.  I included a bonus number 4 on this list because I really like the number 4!

6.   This blog now has 17 followers!  Thank you to everyone who finds these posts entertaining enough to want to read them all the time! All of you are amazing!

Those are my middle-of-the-week celebrations.  Leave a comment with your own middle-of-the-week celebrations so that we can all revel in our accomplishments together! (Seriously, the week someone actually does this, I will probably re-edit the post to include that on the list….or make a separate post….or give a shout-out to them on Thursday)


Searching For Words

Today’s failure happened in the early hours of the morning, like all the most interesting failures do.

At about 1:00 a.m., I hand my sister my phone.  On it, a word search app game was activated.  For this app, you are timed on how quickly you can complete the word search.  When I handed my sister my phone, I said, “Here, see if you can beat this.”

That was a mistake.

My sister then proceeded to work for at least an hour trying to beat my record. She succeeded, and shaved about 4 seconds off of my number one time.  I was passed the phone.

Now, while I was good and tried my very best to make minimal noise while my sister was trying to beat my record, she was a brat when I was trying to regain my title.

My attempt at beating the record went something like this:

Sister: I beat it!

Me: You are a butt of the biggest degree. *takes phone, begins word search*

Sister: *maniacally laughs the entire time I am trying to regain my record*

Me: *finishes word search* HERE. BEAT IT!

Sister: *stops laughing abruptly, takes phone back*

Me: This is fun-

Sister: Shh!

Me: *quietly grinning in a mocking manner*

I beat her score by about 7 seconds.

The abrupt change from my sister laughing to scolding me into silence was well worth the next hour and a half or so.  That period of time also reminded me why it is a stupid stupid thing to challenge her at something she feels competent about.  At 3:30 a.m., she tossed my phone back at me, grinning.  She had beaten my record by about 3 seconds.

In response, I kicked her out of my room.

Alright, I did not do that because she beat me at a word search and I still haven’t regained the title yet.  I needed to sleep, and she kept talking! So, she needed to go.  This late night word search competition is also why I did not wake up before noon today.

Next time, I will remember to challenge her to a late night word search competition during the day, and not right before I need to go to sleep. Or, you know, not challenge her at all so I can have some sort of time record on my game.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!

Mid-Week Celebrations!

This blog is in the middle of it’s third week of life!  I think that is as good of an introduction as any to, you guessed it, this Wednesday’s round of little successes!

Without further ado, let the celebrations begin!

1. Tonight, one of my friends that I had not spent time with in at least a month was like, “Let’s get dinner together!” I agreed!

2. While that last celebration is exciting enough, the same friend later bought me SOUR PATCH KIDS, which I adore.  They were not simply Sour Patch Kids but the Watermelon flavor of Sour Patch Kids!

3. I have decided to begin working on the second Brahms violin sonata!

4. On a related note (yay pun!) my composition project for this month will be the first movement of a string quartet!

5. Even though I was drenched by it yesterday, it has been raining frequently around here and I love the sound of rain!

6. This blog now has 11 followers! Thank you all for deciding it is worth getting updates from on a daily basis!

Those are my middle-of-the-week celebrations.  Leave a comment with your own middle-of-the-week celebrations so that we can all revel in our accomplishments together!

Have Courage

Today, I failed to take the easy way out.

Everyone is faced with this scenario at some point or another: you are going up against a huge challenge and to succeed against it, you must overcome a personal weakness or disappointment.

For me, the challenge has taken the guise of trusting a close friend.  You know the story, a friend inadvertently does something that you do not know how to interpret or misinterpret, but the action causes disappointment or hurt.  To work through those feelings, you have to directly address the issue in order to fully understand what happened and why it happened.

However, that is never easy.  Having an open conversation about how someone has disappointed you is always difficult, especially when that person is a friend who does not want to hurt you for the world.  The easy way out is to ignore it and let it grow, resulting in a resentment or bitterness that rots the friendship.  So while it’s the easy way out of an awkward situation, it’s also a permanent way out of a friendship.

I am also going to acknowledge here that there are times when you need to give yourself distance from an emotionally charged event in order to work through it, but that is different than not dealing with the event at all.

So today, instead of taking the easy way out, I began the conversation that will allow me to move past a recent disappointment. I have chosen to trust my friend and the integrity of the friendship. I am choosing to trust that my friend considers our friendship worth maintaining, even if it means a challenging conversation. I know I do, and I strongly suspect they do as well.

A failure that builds trust, I think, is a failure worth talking about.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!