Have Courage

Today, I failed to take the easy way out.

Everyone is faced with this scenario at some point or another: you are going up against a huge challenge and to succeed against it, you must overcome a personal weakness or disappointment.

For me, the challenge has taken the guise of trusting a close friend.  You know the story, a friend inadvertently does something that you do not know how to interpret or misinterpret, but the action causes disappointment or hurt.  To work through those feelings, you have to directly address the issue in order to fully understand what happened and why it happened.

However, that is never easy.  Having an open conversation about how someone has disappointed you is always difficult, especially when that person is a friend who does not want to hurt you for the world.  The easy way out is to ignore it and let it grow, resulting in a resentment or bitterness that rots the friendship.  So while it’s the easy way out of an awkward situation, it’s also a permanent way out of a friendship.

I am also going to acknowledge here that there are times when you need to give yourself distance from an emotionally charged event in order to work through it, but that is different than not dealing with the event at all.

So today, instead of taking the easy way out, I began the conversation that will allow me to move past a recent disappointment. I have chosen to trust my friend and the integrity of the friendship. I am choosing to trust that my friend considers our friendship worth maintaining, even if it means a challenging conversation. I know I do, and I strongly suspect they do as well.

A failure that builds trust, I think, is a failure worth talking about.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!