A Most Excellent Monday

Today is not about my failure. Today is about the failure of Monday.

Traditionally, Mondays are supposed to be horrible, glum, and distressing events.  Or at least, not stellar and awesome. My Monday decided to fail miserably at being awful, or at the very least, boring, and instead turned into a marvelous day!

First, an update about composing.  I have obviously failed in uploading an awful MIDI file of what I am currently working on. This is largely due to the fact that I do not have enough written to warrant making a MIDI file as of right now.  I am also in the preliminary stages of writing, where I improvise things on my violin and come up with melodic lines and harmonic structures.  I either add the harmonic structure to the melody, or create a harmonic structure that I mash the melody into.  Fun times.

In short, I unintentionally overestimated my composing speed, which is sad, since I know that I am a slow writer.

Here is the exciting update: I have an official reason to compose, other than I want to!  (It is always easier for me to create music for a specific purpose other than “because it is good for me to write and I enjoy it”) One of my friends on facebook messaged me last night, telling me of a book club she has heard about in our area.  It is comprised of local musicians who get together every month, read a book, and then compose music inspired by what they have read!

And guess what, my readers, I AM GOING TO JOIN IT!

I do not know if this opportunity will create circumstances I enjoy composing in, but I know that it will be an excellent experience to participate in that will enable me to grow as a composer over the coming year!  I will also get to connect with local musicians over writing music.  Really, could I ask for a better and more exciting opportunity? I think not!

The second thing that makes this a most exciting Monday is…..I purchased the movie Cloud Atlas for $5!  It is one of my favorite books and movies!  To me, it is one of the rare exceptions where the movie form of a story is as equally wonderful as its book form.

In fact, I have convinced my sister to watch it with me and we are at the point in the movie where all the stories start to converge into their high points.  Meaning, I am getting more and more distracted while typing this as well as typing faster and faster.  However, I have committed to a post a day on this blog and a post a day I shall write!

It is good that I have finished describing the two exciting failures of this Monday already.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!


Mid-Week Celebrations!

This blog is in the middle of it’s third week of life!  I think that is as good of an introduction as any to, you guessed it, this Wednesday’s round of little successes!

Without further ado, let the celebrations begin!

1. Tonight, one of my friends that I had not spent time with in at least a month was like, “Let’s get dinner together!” I agreed!

2. While that last celebration is exciting enough, the same friend later bought me SOUR PATCH KIDS, which I adore.  They were not simply Sour Patch Kids but the Watermelon flavor of Sour Patch Kids!

3. I have decided to begin working on the second Brahms violin sonata!

4. On a related note (yay pun!) my composition project for this month will be the first movement of a string quartet!

5. Even though I was drenched by it yesterday, it has been raining frequently around here and I love the sound of rain!

6. This blog now has 11 followers! Thank you all for deciding it is worth getting updates from on a daily basis!

Those are my middle-of-the-week celebrations.  Leave a comment with your own middle-of-the-week celebrations so that we can all revel in our accomplishments together!