It’s the Final Fantasy

Today I almost failed, but not quite.

Yesterday, I almost purchased a video game.  I delayed that decision until today, because yesterday I was unsure whether or not I really wanted to spend money on a video game.  I woke up today and I knew that I NEEDED A NEW GAME TO PLAY THAT WOULD NOT REQUIRE MY COMPUTER OR MY PHONE AS A CONSOLE.

So, I went to Gamestop.  I purchased Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for Nintendo DS and Final Fantasy Theaterhythm: Curtain Call. I know that FF Tactics is an especially old release, but nostalgia from brief encounters with my cousin’s FF Tactics Advance made me want to play a full FF Tactics game. As for Theaterhythm, it simply looked interesting.

My almost-but-not-quite failure can be attributed to the FF Tactics game. I chose Normal mode, which it turns out I was grateful for, seeing as how I almost lost the very first battle to a giant chicken.

Yes, a giant chicken killed 3 out of 4 of my party members.  It was not only the chicken who did damage to my party, either. Before I realized how far the range of some magic attacks extended, I had nicely electrocuted one of my allies and knocked out a third of his remaining HP.  I also managed to move my white magic mage out of the range of all the other players, but not before I had restored a little HP to one of my party members as well as the two murderous baby chickens.

I would have completely failed at this first battle, too, except the giant chicken flew off when it reached 2/3rds HP or so. Even reaching that point was a lucky break for me, as the giant chicken missed an attack that would have knocked out my last party member the round before I dealt the lethal strike.

Or maybe the game does not let you lose the first battle and I was fine anyway. Regardless, it felt like I barely emerged victorious.  I gave myself a break after the second battle, which I easily won, because Tactics is a bit overwhelming for a FF newbie like myself.

Going onto Theaterhythm….what can I say? I have been using it to take a break from Tactics for almost 2 hours now, and my sister is beginning to grump at me for ignoring her attempts at conversation.

I have appeased her by giving her the other save file slot on FF Tactics.  She will probably have an easier time of it than I will, since she is better at creating advanced strategies in games than I am.

For now, I have to contribute to the creation of a video game environment where my sister and I mutually ignore each other, except for the occasional grunt, while gaming.

Until tomorrow, happy failing!

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