Freshly Failed Friday!

I am incredibly frustrated right now.  In fact, you could say I am mad.  Or full of rage.

Today’s failure has racked up 5 rage quits so far from me.

(I am unsure if I have defined rage quit already in this blog, but in case I haven’t and in case there are readers who do not understand the term here it is; Rage quit-when you get so mad at something you have to take a break before dealing with it some more)

The failure of the day has to do with Pokemon.

My sister and I have played the Pokemon video games since we were in elementary school.  We love the franchise, and every time a new game comes out our response is, “Why yes, we will continue to contribute to one of Nintendo’s most profitable cash cows. Now shut up and take our money!”

This past year, though, our love for Pokemon has deepened.  We were (and still are, mostly) casual players.  In the past 12 months, though, we discovered things like EVs and how to strategically build them, the Lumiose Station on youtube, and video series of people playing through the Pokemon games using various rule sets.  The Lumiose Station was a particularly significant downfall, as they regularly host and stream Pokemon tournaments.  After watching one, we realized that we enjoyed watching Pokemon tournaments as much as football fans (not what Americans call “soccer”) love football.

However, nothing prepared us for the wonder of the Pokemon fan-made games.  These are games that fans have created that have clever features not present in the franchise games and plots with more depth that are targeted towards adults.

It is one of these fan-made games that has me in a state of frustration.  The source of the frustration is the fighting dojo.  In the franchise games, you have to battle gym leaders and you receive a gym badge upon defeating them. The fighting dojo is not an official gym because you cannot earn a gym badge by defeating the Dojo. Instead, the player receives a pokemon upon defeating the leader.

In the franchise Pokemon games, the fighting dojo is a pushover bonus gym equivalent.  It’s easy to prepare for and easy to defeat.

In all the fan-made games I have played so far, the fighting dojo is no longer a pushover and I have underestimated him every. single. time.

That’s right.  Those 5 rage quits are technically not rage quits, but 5 instances where the fighting dojo has defeated me. Being a veteran Pokemon player, this means I have closed out of the game five times and rebooted it 4 times to avoid the loss costing my character money and reattempt the dojo as quickly as possible.  Petty, but it’s not like money is thrown at you in these games.

I have been pouting for an hour or so since my last failure to win.  Okay, not really pouting, I had real-life stuff to do.  I am getting ready to train my Pokemon to high enough levels that they will crush every single opposing Pokemon mercilessly.

Uh, crush with friendship.  Because Pokemon is all about the friendship.  Anyway, we are at 5 current failures to win, and I will update you on the final count.  It should be only five failures total, but one poor move choice can lose a battle, so we’ll see.

I hope other Pokemon fans are having more success in their playing adventures than I am currently having as mine. If not, try to fail more spectacularly than me!

Until tomorrow, happy failing!


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