While on Wednesdays there are going to be mid-week celebrations, Thursdays will be the time for expressing gratitude. We will return to failing on Fridays.

Today, my gratitude is extended towards the little things in life.  You know, those things that are so tiny that they should not really make a difference, but somehow they do.  Like my sister’s friend who invited me to her graduation party and really wanted me there, even though we had only met two or three times before.  Or when I have done nothing to attract the attention of either of my dogs and one of them crawls onto my lap, not because they want a treat, but because they want to cuddle.   The package of Sour Patch Kids I jokingly requested from one of my friends as a graduation gift and received a week before the ceremony is another example of this.

The little things in life are what keep me going even when everything else is not working out.  A stranger smiling at me because I opened the door for them, high fives of happiness, a good grilled cheese sandwich.  Watching trees move in the wind, listening to a meaningful song, art on postcards. Little things of appreciation and to appreciate, given and received by people worthy of appreciation and gratitude as well.

The little things are, well, little.  They are also the wonderful details of our life experiences that set us apart just as surely as the bigger things, such as our personalities or where we are born, do.  So here’s to the little things in life and the quiet happiness they bring.  Here is to the people involved in making sure they happen as well.  Thank you!

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