Day 2

Yes, I know.  What the title of this post lacks in originality, it more than makes up for in accuracy.

Guess what, though.  I have exciting news. Ready?


Let’s get some context going first, and then I will tell you about the failure.

This week is a week of, dare I say it, cleaning.  In case there are people out there who have forgotten how tedious cleaning can be, I am going to remind everyone that cleaning is the boring adult stuff you try to spice up by pretending you are keeping the nation’s secrets safe by hiding them in the newly organized bookshelf or that you are dusting for fingerprints when you are really…..only dusting.  Cleaning is a good thing in that it allows you to have a nice, organized space in which to do the fun adult stuff, such as build a fort.  Or, erm, practice your violin and finish writing up a budget for the month.

Today, I have been cleaning my room.  I will probably have to finish it tomorrow, as I am taking the time to go through every item in it with the goal of getting rid of as much stuff that I do not need as possible.  Taking an extra day in order to clean my room properly is fine by me, however, I discovered something in my room today that shook me to my core.

In a paper bag that was in a tote bag…..was a moldy banana.

Upon discovering this moldy banana, I finally understood where the odd smell had been coming from for the last longer-than-I-care-to-count number of days.  This moldy banana changed my perspective about myself, too.

You see, I do not consider myself to be a moldy banana type of person.  I am a person that likes bananas, and I am a person that likes to not have food molding in my room.  The bag with the moldy banana challenged both of these ideas. When I discovered the paper bag with the green-and-white mold in a banana form on the outside of the bag (I did not open it, you see), I was horrified.  Not only was this a waste of good fruit, but I had to touch it in order to throw it in the trash can.
Additionally, this is the third time I have found myself to be the cause of a moldy banana in the last couple of months.

My life has not always been this way.

For me to have the oversight to let not one, not two, but three bananas grow mold and leave them in a variety of locations shows how busy I have been in the last few months.  It also gives me bonus points for creativity. The banana in the locker can be attributed to consecutive moments of “Eh, I’ll do it later” laziness, and the banana in the car can be attributed to forgetting that I had not eaten the banana in my lunch that day, but the banana in my room is a sign of me simply not being aware that there was a banana.

Instead of responsibly bearing fruit (and yes, I intended to make awful puns throughout the year), I mismanaged my bananas.

Takeaways from this failure? Easy. Attention to detail is important, especially in the explanation and prevention of odd smells.  From this streak of moldy bananas, I can say that I probably need to get a little more sleep each night so that I can be more aware of where I leave things, and have the energy to complete little tasks, such as throwing away an old banana, as I become aware of them.  While a few moldy bananas do not, technically, constitute an inspired failure, they are related to my almost clean room, in which tons of inspired failures (especially related to playing violin) will be happening.  Plus, they make for an entertaining story.

I shall close with a classic today: “Life is full of surprises, I hope the next one isn’t a moldy banana.”

Happy failing!


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