You have stumbled onto this blog not quite knowing what to expect.  This is excellent, as I do not quite know what to expect, either.   However, time is of the essence, so I will leave a few sentences describing what this blog is about, like any good introduction post should do.

First, this blog, as could be deduced by the title, is going to last for a year.  Okay, it is probably going to be a little over a year, but saying “A Little Over A Year of Inspired Failure” or “About a Year of Inspired Failure” or even “Approximately a Year of Inspired Failure” is a mouthful, and adds a little bit of wobble to my declaration of failure.  If there is one thing I know about failure, you need to flaunt it like the flames you are going down in, so no wobbles for this site!

To give some perspective and coherence to this post, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I have recently graduated with two degrees, one in music composition and one in sociology.  I have obtained these to further my goal of developing programs that help build, create, or improve music communities one day.  Currently, I am taking a year off to work on personal projects, acquire a job, volunteer in my community, and commit random acts of fun before going to graduate school.  However, to do all of these things, I will need to act with great intention and not simply sleep until noon, play videogames, and neglect laundry every day.

Enter this blog!

By starting this blog and publishing this first post, I am committing to you that I will be here and present for a year. I am going to publish a post every single day related to one of my failures or a failure-in-progress.  The idea is that I am going to be doing many things this year to broaden my experience and further my personal growth, but since the projects I am working on are only in their beginnings, I will experience a lot of failure before success.  A Year of Inspired Failure is going to be about me setting goals, missing them, learning what worked and what did not, and showing all of this to you.

Meaning, this blog is not really about failure at all, but the process of achieving goals.  Since the process of achieving anything requires more unsuccessful results than successful ones, failure is going to be embraced as an old friend and mentor here instead of something to shove under a bed or hide in a box in embarrassment.  The things I post on here will, at times, be full of raw disappointment, while at other times, you will get excited simply because I am so exuberant.  This blog is going to be so full of life that neither me nor those of you who have joined me on this journey will even believe how far we have traveled together in a year.

I’m excited, and I hope you are too.  Until tomorrow, happy failing!